Housing Services

Fair Housing Advocacy
BVCAP’s Housing Advocate provides counseling and referrals to clients regarding allegations of housing discrimination and violations of the Rhode Island Landlord – Tenant Act.  In addition, the Advocate conducts educational workshops for community groups to inform residents of rights and responsibilities under the law.

Home Ownership Education
BVCAP provides a comprehensive series of classes, designed to educate both current and future homeowners.  Topics include but are not limited to: budgeting and money management, credit issues, finding an appropriate home, the mortgage loan process, legal issues, and home maintenance.
Homebuyers classes are offered for the fee of $50. An additional Landlord class is offered for $25 for those interested in purchasing multi-family properties.
For a list of classes please click the following:
January-June or July-December
If none of these class can accommodate your needs, classes are available through other members of the Housing Network at various locations and in Spanish. They may be contacted at (401) 521-1461.  

Housing Counseling  
BVCAP Housing Counselors provide individual assistance and guidance to both current and future homeowners.  Counselors assess each client’s particular circumstances and assist the client in developing an action plan to meet goals.  For example, a counselor may review a client’s credit history and financial situation to determine mortgage-readiness.  Counselors also assist delinquent borrowers with options to avoid foreclosure.
BVCAP is a HUD approved counseling Agency.

Lead Poisoning Case Management
The BVCAP Lead Center provides non-medical case management to families with lead-poisoned children, assisting the families with tools, resources and education needed to reduce the child’s Blood Lead Level to a medically acceptable level. 

LeadSafe Homes Program
A case manager is available to help a homeowner apply for the RI Housing LeadSafe Homes Program. This is beneficial to homeowners and tenants with young children and for those who are planning to renovate or remodel their homes. A case manager will also assist homeowners in obtaining a Certificate of Conformance, Lead Safe Certificate and funding to make their homes lead safe.

RI Housing LeadSafe Loans Program offers grants/forgivable loans to help eliminate the hazards of lead. A 50 percent grant for the total cost of the lead remediation work is provided. If you live in the home, you receive 5 year forgivable loan for the balance. If you are a landlord, you receive a 10 year forgivable loan for the balance. **LeadSafe Homes loans must be repaid if you sell or transfer ownership of the property within the five or ten year period.

Whether a homeowner, homebuyer or landlord, our LeadSafe Homes initiative can help you eliminate the dangers of lead in your home.

RI Housing also provides free lead-paint inspections and several lead-certified contractors to choose from There is no cost for these services.

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